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Job Listings / Part/Full Time Tech
« Last post by Oz on June 16, 2016, 09:10:23 AM »
Need part/full time tech for engine research in Sacramento area. General mechanical skills a must, electronic and computer skills a bonus.
oz @engineresearch . com
Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« Last post by Feliks on May 04, 2016, 05:55:03 PM »
All news about the new 4 stroke engine that I get thanks to my collective determination to do well working model engine .. But its making was very time consuming. what we see on the animation, assures us that this is a very simple technology engine. But unfortunately, his design is already very time consuming. The same assumption motor size we want to do now poses a big problem. so far, enough to accurately determine the displacement of the engine, and already had a basic parameter of its size.
 But in this new4stroke, assumed displacement, is indeed a huge challenge. its displacement is variable, depending on the arrangement angle between each respective cranks piston .. the calculation for only a few setting piston by means of a calculator or slide rule, the work for weeks .. and, therefore, the calculation method of the parameter displacement is not out of the question .. knowing this complicated task, I decided to do this using the computer ..
But in those days, programming in Fortran and laying in the files of punched cards (from the established name of the file on your computer, because then it was file punch cards arranged in the correct order), it was time consuming, but this situation, the only solution .This work itself lasted about three months, and repeated testing program .. but for it at the end, I received 100 pages of prints for each position of the pistons other party .. and only then I found out that I can also have a variable compression ratio .. today this program is available in Excel format on my website ..

Then a lot of different difficulties when starting the engine, which I described above, gave me the idea of ​​its operation ..
The entire project took about three years .. (At first assumed a 12 months   :) ) So let's say that all lasted 1,000 days ..
I consider myself a good mechanic, and if I had the time devoted, let's say, to replace head gasket in sports cars such as no. LOTUS is for one such work, which could have quietly done in one day could earn $ 1,000 .. So I can from all certainly say that if I had performed such work by t 1,000 days my earnings amounted to 1,000 x 1,000 = 1,000 000  $...
Or vice versa .. thanks to the fact that I have a lot of information about the new 4 stroke engine, I do not have a million dollars, but I do have these messages .. and a working prototype engine ..
but all this has happened in the years 1981- 1985, so 30 years ago .. and now if I then these en one million US dollars placed in the company which annually from this capital brings 20% of the income, this would amount today ,, ... 237,000,000 dollars .. I present here a sheet with the increase in the capital for over 30 years ..

 And it all theoretically could have, counting only work that I made on this engine .. There are not any amounts related to the gratification of the many ideas that I had to do in this engine .. and his main idea.

I do have a working prototype and knowledge of the engine, which is developed for many years ..
Prototype is working and you can see his work, which is great, very quiet mechanically, without any vibration and unique sound of the exhaust pipes .. And all very exquisite view, this completely new engine ..
I invite everyone to Krakow, where the engine, after previous preparation can be seen ..
Of course this is only the beginning, but in my experience worthy of further development, in different versions ..

Regards Andrew ;D
Job Listings / Saudi Aramco
« Last post by Oz on February 08, 2016, 01:00:28 PM »
It appears Bosch has dropped the joint project with Optrand. Reliability at large quantities was the comment. Some worked well and some died fast...
Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« Last post by Feliks on November 21, 2015, 10:21:53 PM »
 So now even a very current topic on environmental issues new4stroke engine. And all of my information can be verified by means of science in physics and chemistry. And they are real, not like the information on WV engines and their exhaust emissions. :D
Here, too, we have a big surprise when it comes to the positive qualities of the purity of my engine exhaust .no so the biggest threat to the environment are compounds of NOx. NOx compounds are formed by contact of oxygen from the surfaces at a temperature above 600 degrees Celsius. in conventional engines, they are the exhaust valves, which have a temperature during operation up to 800 degrees Celsius. and that the contact with the oxygen valve engine intake formed these highly toxic compounds NOx. In currently produced engines to eliminate these compounds from the flue gases are used platinum catalysts in the exhaust system to reduce these compounds to a negligible value in the exhaust gas .. But they have a specific lifetime and after some time their ability to purify fall to 25% /
The engine new4stroke, the problem with the formation of toxic NOx absolutely no, because no part of the interior of the engine, there is no temperature of 600 degrees Celsius to enable the formation of NOx. And this is a significant advantage new4stroke /. Every step in the engine does not reach a temperature above 300 degrees Celsius, so that they are aluminum pistons, perfectly conducting heat well and also cooled from the inside of using the lubricating oil. Additional cooling ribs within the piston, may enable the practice of maintaining a temperature not higher than 300 degrees Celsius, which is an excellent value, preventing the formation of NOx, even in minute quantities .. even in a large range of air fuel mixture is combusted.
Also, this low temperature in the combustion chamber components that are there, perfectly contributes to the lack of grounds for the Pinking, which is also an important issue in the life of the engine .. If we were at today's levels of compression in spark-ignition engines, then I dare say, fuel not one of them would have to be protected at all and lead to fuel as it used to lead, or chemically treated in a complicated way to get the proper anti detonation. So the ordinary gasoline, and lighter ..
But with such a low temperature of components in the combustion chamber and very high combustion rate as a result of the forced rotation of the cylinder piston exhaust, we can raise the compression ratio, let's say, up to 1: 18, which will result in much higher efficiency of the circuit and therefore much lower fuel consumption .. It depends on what we will be on hand, because such opportunities gives us this extremely low temperature in the combustion chamber components ..
Also in the engine ignition, we can use a compression ratio of say 1: 22, such as the engines of the pre-chamber swirl, but without losing the energy to fly in the narrow gap between the swirl chamber and the piston on the effect of "forcing the load between the course of the intake and exhaust , gy in the channel connecting the two cylinders, mount the injector is as a result of the load almost the speed of sound, we obtain excellent mixing of fuel and air injected ii its rapid laminar combustion. And although it will be Diesel, it will be possible to me, to obtain up to 10 000 rpm. Well, exhaust gas properties, will tend to have little pollution, because there will be conditions for their formation, in this type of engine ..

Andrew :D
Job Listings / Sr. Engineer Gasoline Exhaust Emissions / Engine Fuel Economy
« Last post by Oz on August 14, 2015, 11:43:42 AM »
CareerBuilder: Sr. Engineer Gasoline Exhaust Emissions / Engine Fuel Economy - Direct hire, full benefits full relocation - Columbus Ohio up to 115K bonus overtime Carplan   
Sr. Engineer Gasoline Exhaust Emissions / Engine Fuel Economy - Direct hire, full benefits full relocation - Columbus Ohio up to 115K bonus overtime Carplan

We also have software development, validation, hardware development and other positions.

Thank you,
Arun Nikore
ARPS International
Tel. 734-945-3000
Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« Last post by Feliks on August 07, 2015, 08:59:54 AM »
See what going on in the engine valve stem. Dancing on the left and right, and of course mushroom too. The second part of the film you can see how beautifully it bounces off the valve plug from the outlet valve .. of course, during this bouncing back charge back into the intake manifold, causing a significant reduction in engine efficiency .. In this series on You Tube, as the last movie is shown in head valves at 14,000 rpm .. It is clear that during this short time of operation and relatively low lift, possible to suction a new charge of air is such as cat wept .....

Andrew ;D
Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« Last post by Feliks on July 27, 2015, 05:12:49 AM »
Here, these pistons intake and exhaust for the main piston 73 mm version of Solid Works, PTC, IGES, CATIA ..

Andrew ;D
Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« Last post by Feliks on July 02, 2015, 07:21:03 PM »
So once again we return to the thermodynamic efficiency new4stroke .. Here the hearing of the efficiency of the charts made for the traditional engine.

You can see on the chart with the highest efficiency is low speed sinik sea, which is 47%.
My engine as reported above, draws about 360 cc more than the old conventional engine, which did a prototype or 600 ccm ... But this extra volume displacement, is implemented by the system of pistons which rotate two times slower, ie, the force of inertia are four times smaller, because they are dependent upon the square of the rotation. that is, we can just to count the inertial forces relative to the sucked air further. 360 ccm divided by four is going to give us 90 cc. These 90 ccm going to beat the additional forces of inertia (ie a total of friction). But now we have a net profit of 360 ccm minus 90 cc = 270 cc. It is pure extra profit aspirated air, without any mechanical losses already on its construction .. that is entirely theoretical operational efficiency engine so it looks .. traditional engine of 600 cc is 47%, ie 12, 76 ccm is 1% plus an additional 270 cc, which is 270 divided by 12,76 = 21% additional efficiency .. So the total increase the efficiency regarding displacement capacity should be at 47 +21 = 68%. additionally, we can still make a profit energy by stopping propelling Similar systems poppet valves and springs which will have at least the 7% efficiency more .. So, the total physical ability of such an engine 68% + 7% = ~ 75%  .

ie it is to increase efficiency, which can not be subject to discussion.

If we add all the above mentioned advantages, no such low temperature in the combustion chamber, the combustion speed, and more, which can contribute to higher efficiency even further by around 5% this will give us the final number of efficiency of up to 80% .....

Job Listings / Engine research job opening at Sandia Labs
« Last post by Magnus Sjoberg on June 24, 2015, 03:46:03 PM »
There is currently a job opening in the engine-combustion department at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA.
As the job revolves around support for optical single-cylinder IC engine research, I thought that it may be of interest to some of the folks in this forum.

The job opening can be found at:

The job ID is 650079, and can also be found via the careers page at

A direct link to the engine-combustion department:
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