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Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: May 04, 2016, 05:55:03 PM »
All news about the new 4 stroke engine that I get thanks to my collective determination to do well working model engine .. But its making was very time consuming. what we see on the animation, assures us that this is a very simple technology engine. But unfortunately, his design is already very time consuming. The same assumption motor size we want to do now poses a big problem. so far, enough to accurately determine the displacement of the engine, and already had a basic parameter of its size.
 But in this new4stroke, assumed displacement, is indeed a huge challenge. its displacement is variable, depending on the arrangement angle between each respective cranks piston .. the calculation for only a few setting piston by means of a calculator or slide rule, the work for weeks .. and, therefore, the calculation method of the parameter displacement is not out of the question .. knowing this complicated task, I decided to do this using the computer ..
But in those days, programming in Fortran and laying in the files of punched cards (from the established name of the file on your computer, because then it was file punch cards arranged in the correct order), it was time consuming, but this situation, the only solution .This work itself lasted about three months, and repeated testing program .. but for it at the end, I received 100 pages of prints for each position of the pistons other party .. and only then I found out that I can also have a variable compression ratio .. today this program is available in Excel format on my website ..

Then a lot of different difficulties when starting the engine, which I described above, gave me the idea of ​​its operation ..
The entire project took about three years .. (At first assumed a 12 months   :) ) So let's say that all lasted 1,000 days ..
I consider myself a good mechanic, and if I had the time devoted, let's say, to replace head gasket in sports cars such as no. LOTUS is for one such work, which could have quietly done in one day could earn $ 1,000 .. So I can from all certainly say that if I had performed such work by t 1,000 days my earnings amounted to 1,000 x 1,000 = 1,000 000  $...
Or vice versa .. thanks to the fact that I have a lot of information about the new 4 stroke engine, I do not have a million dollars, but I do have these messages .. and a working prototype engine ..
but all this has happened in the years 1981- 1985, so 30 years ago .. and now if I then these en one million US dollars placed in the company which annually from this capital brings 20% of the income, this would amount today ,, ... 237,000,000 dollars .. I present here a sheet with the increase in the capital for over 30 years ..

 And it all theoretically could have, counting only work that I made on this engine .. There are not any amounts related to the gratification of the many ideas that I had to do in this engine .. and his main idea.

I do have a working prototype and knowledge of the engine, which is developed for many years ..
Prototype is working and you can see his work, which is great, very quiet mechanically, without any vibration and unique sound of the exhaust pipes .. And all very exquisite view, this completely new engine ..
I invite everyone to Krakow, where the engine, after previous preparation can be seen ..
Of course this is only the beginning, but in my experience worthy of further development, in different versions ..

Regards Andrew ;D

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: November 21, 2015, 10:21:53 PM »
 So now even a very current topic on environmental issues new4stroke engine. And all of my information can be verified by means of science in physics and chemistry. And they are real, not like the information on WV engines and their exhaust emissions. :D
Here, too, we have a big surprise when it comes to the positive qualities of the purity of my engine exhaust .no so the biggest threat to the environment are compounds of NOx. NOx compounds are formed by contact of oxygen from the surfaces at a temperature above 600 degrees Celsius. in conventional engines, they are the exhaust valves, which have a temperature during operation up to 800 degrees Celsius. and that the contact with the oxygen valve engine intake formed these highly toxic compounds NOx. In currently produced engines to eliminate these compounds from the flue gases are used platinum catalysts in the exhaust system to reduce these compounds to a negligible value in the exhaust gas .. But they have a specific lifetime and after some time their ability to purify fall to 25% /
The engine new4stroke, the problem with the formation of toxic NOx absolutely no, because no part of the interior of the engine, there is no temperature of 600 degrees Celsius to enable the formation of NOx. And this is a significant advantage new4stroke /. Every step in the engine does not reach a temperature above 300 degrees Celsius, so that they are aluminum pistons, perfectly conducting heat well and also cooled from the inside of using the lubricating oil. Additional cooling ribs within the piston, may enable the practice of maintaining a temperature not higher than 300 degrees Celsius, which is an excellent value, preventing the formation of NOx, even in minute quantities .. even in a large range of air fuel mixture is combusted.
Also, this low temperature in the combustion chamber components that are there, perfectly contributes to the lack of grounds for the Pinking, which is also an important issue in the life of the engine .. If we were at today's levels of compression in spark-ignition engines, then I dare say, fuel not one of them would have to be protected at all and lead to fuel as it used to lead, or chemically treated in a complicated way to get the proper anti detonation. So the ordinary gasoline, and lighter ..
But with such a low temperature of components in the combustion chamber and very high combustion rate as a result of the forced rotation of the cylinder piston exhaust, we can raise the compression ratio, let's say, up to 1: 18, which will result in much higher efficiency of the circuit and therefore much lower fuel consumption .. It depends on what we will be on hand, because such opportunities gives us this extremely low temperature in the combustion chamber components ..
Also in the engine ignition, we can use a compression ratio of say 1: 22, such as the engines of the pre-chamber swirl, but without losing the energy to fly in the narrow gap between the swirl chamber and the piston on the effect of "forcing the load between the course of the intake and exhaust , gy in the channel connecting the two cylinders, mount the injector is as a result of the load almost the speed of sound, we obtain excellent mixing of fuel and air injected ii its rapid laminar combustion. And although it will be Diesel, it will be possible to me, to obtain up to 10 000 rpm. Well, exhaust gas properties, will tend to have little pollution, because there will be conditions for their formation, in this type of engine ..

Andrew :D

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: August 07, 2015, 08:59:54 AM »
See what going on in the engine valve stem. Dancing on the left and right, and of course mushroom too. The second part of the film you can see how beautifully it bounces off the valve plug from the outlet valve .. of course, during this bouncing back charge back into the intake manifold, causing a significant reduction in engine efficiency .. In this series on You Tube, as the last movie is shown in head valves at 14,000 rpm .. It is clear that during this short time of operation and relatively low lift, possible to suction a new charge of air is such as cat wept .....

Andrew ;D

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: July 27, 2015, 05:12:49 AM »
Here, these pistons intake and exhaust for the main piston 73 mm version of Solid Works, PTC, IGES, CATIA ..

Andrew ;D

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: July 02, 2015, 07:21:03 PM »
So once again we return to the thermodynamic efficiency new4stroke .. Here the hearing of the efficiency of the charts made for the traditional engine.

You can see on the chart with the highest efficiency is low speed sinik sea, which is 47%.
My engine as reported above, draws about 360 cc more than the old conventional engine, which did a prototype or 600 ccm ... But this extra volume displacement, is implemented by the system of pistons which rotate two times slower, ie, the force of inertia are four times smaller, because they are dependent upon the square of the rotation. that is, we can just to count the inertial forces relative to the sucked air further. 360 ccm divided by four is going to give us 90 cc. These 90 ccm going to beat the additional forces of inertia (ie a total of friction). But now we have a net profit of 360 ccm minus 90 cc = 270 cc. It is pure extra profit aspirated air, without any mechanical losses already on its construction .. that is entirely theoretical operational efficiency engine so it looks .. traditional engine of 600 cc is 47%, ie 12, 76 ccm is 1% plus an additional 270 cc, which is 270 divided by 12,76 = 21% additional efficiency .. So the total increase the efficiency regarding displacement capacity should be at 47 +21 = 68%. additionally, we can still make a profit energy by stopping propelling Similar systems poppet valves and springs which will have at least the 7% efficiency more .. So, the total physical ability of such an engine 68% + 7% = ~ 75%  .

ie it is to increase efficiency, which can not be subject to discussion.

If we add all the above mentioned advantages, no such low temperature in the combustion chamber, the combustion speed, and more, which can contribute to higher efficiency even further by around 5% this will give us the final number of efficiency of up to 80% .....


Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: May 11, 2015, 06:11:45 AM »
This relatively large Aerodynamics effect on the exhale, it also has a huge impact on a new air intake, and "flushed" from the remnants of exhaust gas cylinders. Therefore for me, I assumed (a total of just happened) that the opening of "valve" suction is up by 360 degrees of rotation of the main shaft.

Now this: Minimum diameter of the intake of the engine is a cross-section of the suction cylinder. Including the minimum cross-section do not open the windows intake, because we can also be the other side of the head cut, which in total, with such a large opening angle will give about 30% higher intakes surfaces, than the surface of the cylinder intake .Therefore, the engine prototype, I thought that windows will have only one side ..

Here it is a drawing, illustrating that the diameter of the cylinder intake, relative to the diameter of the main piston is not much different. That's what we see is certainly the biggest proceed to the cylinder surface. Even with all Slide timing gears which have so far been built, such a large cross-section did not. I think that the speed of the intake air does not exceed the speed of the main piston plus some 20%, for a total even in high-performance engines is a value of about 40 m / s.

Now this issue .. The air cargo, which is sucked into the cylinders, it can be dynamically connected, and it is also of high efficiency, because, how to open the inlet port, is also violent, because it occurs in a maximum piston speed suction. Also any rebound cargo back to the suction pipe, are impossible, because the plunger suction its downward motion and prevents and quickly closes the inlet, so that everything already must remain in the cylinder, without any loss caused by the retreat of the cargo to the intake ducts .. Here, the more you can read a dynamic supercharger.

The result is everything, a very significant improvement for filling the cylinder .. I used a prototype of its dual carburetor from BMW 2002 Tii, Solex type PHH40. Originally, the cylinder BMW of 500 cc, which is very close to my static volume to my engine displacement ..
Now yes, the nozzle main fuel in the BMW, is 1.35 (mm) .. After many attempts, I was in your engine nozzle .... I now have 0.80 mm, and it is only correct so hundereds unexpected fuel ratio flowing Air ..Z these values ​​can be converted more draws how many times my cylinder in relation to the cylinder BMW ....
It follows that about even 3 times more .. And it was the biggest surprise for me .. it's really that much different from the predicted values ​​..
I have two cylinders in its prototype, which is 1.5 engine BMW 2002 Tii ... and I shoot their 10,000 revolutions per minute ..

Therefore, pomomo difficulties in the design of this engine so far, you have to go down this road, because we have several superior performance possible to achieve.

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: May 01, 2015, 12:57:49 PM »
Therefore, as there are many things that are completely different than in the previous engine, including exhaust stroke has completely different properties.  So, yes..

The figure shows the engine exhaust stroke my .. It is known that during the exhaust stroke is always pressure within the cylinder is larger than atmospheric pressure (external) Plurality this pressure depends on many factors, but you can say that maybe it's even 1/10 of an average medium pressure May be work .. And now readily appreciate that this pressure-assisted movement of the main piston, also interacts sucking pistons and exhaust. Their return the direction of movement, is the right and from the pressure produce as additional force to the crankshaft (timing) If you noted that the force on the piston suction (bigger) is nearly the maximum length of the crank shaft, despite the fact that the pressure is not large, and added to the torque shaft will be relatively considerable ...
Now yes. Cor- opening "valves", it is here a completely different, than in conventional valves takes place .. Traditional valve (poped) opens slowly at first, because they must be overcome forces of inertia of the whole mechanism of the drive .. In my opening "valves" is the maximum piston velocity of the exhaust, which causes very rapid opening of the exhaust port. On-built prototype, the sound when you open this window, is dramatically large, as a result of this, high-speed opening .. That is why we will have here to deal with quite different phenomena on the exhale, or the like, but supersized strength of the effect of expiration. All the resonance effects are several times stronger, candles and blowing the cylinder during the co-opening "valve" suction, it is several times more efficient .. So clean air in the cylinder is much larger, and the same quantity also .. Here the problems are podzcas in the exhaust stroke a conventional engine .. Now we will have to re-examine it ..

Andrew   :)
Here a wiki. also might be useful in understanding my engine ..

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: March 27, 2015, 06:10:54 PM »
So, now the next data to compile the chart engine efficiency. In general, we already know that the speed of propagation of the flame is forced mechanically and is ooło 3 times faster than the normal combustion chamber of the engine a traditional ... and it's not due to excessive compression ratio or samozapłonów. This will certainly much smaller heat transfer to the cylinder, because almost the entire load burn in a very short period of time, and no chronic burning will not be .. By this it will raise the overall efficiency significantly .. Of course, you can see that the temperature of any element in the whole "combustion chamber" will not be higher than 250 degrees Celsius ~~, because these elements are all well-chilled water or oil from the other side of the pistons. This causes the conditions to raise up to 16 compression engine with spark ignition.

It's generally about how to combustion within the engine. I call it dynamic combustion chamber ..

Now subsequent items that have a huge impact on the formation of the huge torque. In this photograph of the first prototype, drew czewone strzaki that are to illustrate any shaking or vibration of coupling chain wheels. But what were the findings? Well, such that any noticeable vibration and chains was not extremely stable work. The only change was to change the side on which the lower string tension was .. When starting the pacemaker, was tightened one side, and the other was loose. After starting the engine are put on the side opposite the chain tension, which clearly indicated that the upper pistons "drive" lower piston and add to the torque. If so you can see, it means that it is not taken none the power to drive Switches, which the conventional engine is about 10% of the power masymalnej .. Of course, when loaded engine, say, only 30% of this power that gets this timing, it is about 30% of that secondhand power. It goes mostly to the drive spring, which does not depend on the amount of power that produced by the engine. In my engine, this loss does not, and apparently still does the torque ..

Another reason for such a large increase in torque is tkaki fact. The minimum compression chamber is depending on the settings, but ~~ 15 degrees after TDC main piston. when there occurs to accomodate the maximum pressure, then we do not at 0 degrees and zero-mm crank arm, but at 15 degrees and a crank arm is now up to 9 mm. That is nine times more theoretically .. So much of thick when it comes to the main piston.
But the greatest curiosity, is that the frame of the smallest piston (exhaust) while, when it is the smallest volume of the combustion chamber is about 70 degrees on its GMP, and works on the frame of the crank shaft of his size until about 23 mm !!
And despite the fact that this is the smallest piston, it gives the largest increase in torque, because surely it rotates two times slower than the main .. In total torque arrives at least twice as much as in a conventional engine ..
Now I begin to know why I got such a good performance ..
One thing is certain .. all these can not be depending on the traditional by placing the PV diagram ..

Andrew :)

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: March 22, 2015, 07:19:34 PM »
Abarth engine picture here and mine. size comparison...


Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: March 03, 2015, 06:31:42 PM »
Now why I summoned Riccardo..Ricardo developed fairly firebox V-Comet .. Especially in diesel played a significant role - helped make a high speed diesel engine .In my also applied the swirl chamber, knowing about its merits. The eyebrow appearances, this is what you see on the animation, this is not the combustion chamber. It is only the cross section through the center of the engine combustion .Komora., At the rear, with the cross-sectional view as seen in the picture, it is a channel connecting the piston "sucking" piston "exhaust". Flows this way the entire load of fuel and air, but it achieves a very high speed, which in the initial attempts resulted in taking ionized air from between the spark plug electrodes and prevented the formation of spark .Only after a magnification of this channel, began to develop a spark. If sweeping spark plug, this place was a diesel injector, it would be very beneficial ,, because after falling into the space above the small pistons with a very high speed, it would be very intense spin and excellent mixing of fuel and air. I think it is possible to build a high speed diesel, well, up to 10 000 RPM. Also on gasoline this spinning is beneficial and Ground your walls on the smallest piston, is probably the smallest of the previously used, and the heat losses are the smallest .Also at such a high speed of rotation of the smallest piston samozapłonów foci formation will be very difficult. Apart from this place, burning virtually runs elsewhere, because the distance between the planes must be greater than two millimeters in height, so that there could arise a flame. In total combustion occurs with forced intensive centrifugation only over a small piston in the cylinder least .. This is the very Riccardo improved swirl chamber, with the movement of loads in one direction and forced mechanically great speed of combustion. Looking only at the same animations, we are not able to notice it all properly. Today on the combustion chamber.

Andrew :)

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: February 22, 2015, 12:43:34 PM »
In othe Forum ..

Quote Originally Posted by 1946 View Post
Looking at your project and in my opinion it would require a huge amount of R&D and plenty of money and time to develop this to a final stage, but in the result perhaps only competitive with the current available valve driven engines, but not superior ./Quote

Of course, in the world there is nothing perfect ...
Of course, this requires a lot of research has to capture as optimal according ...
Of course, the need for a lot of money, so that when these tests do not die of hunger, because they must take a while ... and some good programming specialists have to pay .. High flexibility to engineers had a good tool for the design of this engine. Because proper design of this engine is its biggest engineering challenge bo after his execution is much simpler than the traditional performance of the engine. Therefore, the phase of design is the most important, but the engineers do not know almost nothing about the new design. Even such a simple thing as the calculation capacity of displacement and compression ratio requires the use of a computer program. But I have already done such a simple program to count the cubic capacity ..after having any data substitution.

Even I, despite the fact that I am the designer of this engine, when defining the objectives of the second prototype, I was wrong, and it's in a very mean, what the real possibilities of the engine ..
I assumed that it will have 100 hp at the 10 000 cycles. ... And it has to be satisfied with me, because colleagues using the traditional model from the same manufacturer, tuning it to the races, received about 70 hp ..
After completing the research, I found out that my engine is up to 2.5 times more power than I assumed ... because it has 250 hp at the 10 000 cycles. Impossible, it turned out possible
But I know that I discovered that you can not run this power, because the primary basis proved to be the engine too weak, the use of such parameters. I am writing this to the next prototype was performed on these operational parameters of his power.
Therefore, do not I'm surprised how skepticism May to the engineers from the engine, because he too was such a skeptic as to the possibilities of this engine. But the reality proved to be a good site, as much as two and a half times greater than expected. I wanted to say that during the test, how are learned about these surprising performance, nearly occurred for some serious accident and almost lost my life ..
However, as it turns out, my engine has a much better performance, low timing slide gate motors,. Now you can imagine. if we lose, on the traditional motor engine. Therefore, talking about the fact that only can be competitive, it is wrong, but because it turned out that two and a half times more competitive .. So worth it fast this way .. Besides, there are many other, real competitive advantages of the new engine.
Leave aside the issues of efficiency, variable compression that are obvious.
Even, it turned out that the sound coming from the engine mechanical part is the sound originates only from the traditional timing mechanism of the engine. Mindful of my observations, I maintain, with 95% of the sound mechanical four-stroke engine, comes only from his timing mechanism ... what with the 10 000 cycles is a good noise. For me there is only s, s. s ,,

Well, the most important thing is the reliability of the solution .. Well, for example, you can safely skip head gasket, by performing the block from one piece. As you know, head gasket is a very frequent case of failure of the conventional engine, other parts of the timing mechanism failures are often .które sometimes cause complete destruction of the engine.
So that the second great advantage of this unbeatable new engine is much less sage, unmatched susceptibility to failures ..

Yes, from my view, it pays to, and it's very invest your time and money, because all in all, this is a very, very competitive solution in comparison to conventional engine. I was already convinced of it, and I share with you all ..

Regards Andrew  :)

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: January 25, 2015, 03:58:02 PM »
Well, the thing that you need to get started. First, maybe you had to draw a new pressure-volume diagram for the new 4 stroke .. Of course, assuming there any sense of its dimensions, say like my second prototype .. It may, however, first count, we define physical fitness of the new engine. Swiss physicist Daniel elegant describe efficiency:

Valve crakshaft ,rods, pistons, cranks, rotation twice more slowly than main cranksshaft. And consequently inertia and is four times smaller, since she depends on the square of the rotation speed.Significantly increased volume intake to engine.

As it can be summarized in the graph P / V ?. This, unfortunately, I do not know. Please have any tips, but solutions can be many, and graph P / V Does not include a reduction in the forces of inertia, and thus sucking larger quantities of air ..
A has a significant impact on the efficiency of this engine .. Certainly we can say that there is a lot bigger .. just as far as estimated even?

There are still two graphs, which complicates things rather traditional graph P / V.
Especially the offset by a few degrees, and 360 deg..

As seen from these graphs, they are related to each other, looking at a means of opening the exhaust valve. which in total can also be moved ..
It follows that the minimum 3D chart should be made ... and it's already complication ..

maybe as much as at the beginning  ;)

greets Andrew ;D

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: January 15, 2015, 08:09:18 PM »
Maybe now, after this introduction, a number of technical changes to the basic four-stroke engine, it falls to explain why it is so difficult to implement it goes public-use, despite that everyone sees, on the animation of it is very simple technology.
So it presents it as I see it, after nearly forty years of dealing with this new engine.
wic, everyone, even I did not even suspected that the technical parameters of the new engine, and so very different from the well-known principles and possibilities of the traditional engine
Let's say that this knowledge, which enables us to build, it seemed highly optimized for him to four-stroke engines is 100%
Here chronologically describe how within these years, my knowledge New4stroke deepened.
1. Making and the launch of the first of my prototype (thesis) is about 12% acquisition of new knowledge about the new engines lasted about trzylata yo, and confirmed that there is a possibility of such a system, without some fundamental flaws (no vibration, for example, some large) Only 12% I'm thinking of new knowledge, no more. (as I see it from the perspective of 40 years ..)

2.Na due to optimistic news, I decided to build a second prototype, because I made an important next invention - output beyond the outline of a cylinder with a "valve" This has opened many new opportunities, but also no design problems, for example, to calculate the same displacement, which without the help of a computer, it was impossible only a few basic options. But the result of this calculation, it was with turned out that the engine can have a variable compression ratio, with the help of the shaft angular change "timing for the main shaft had to wear an Obviously there any fixed dimensions of the proposed engine. And even though there are a few million combinations, changes in diameter, rod length, stroke the shaft of each of the three pistons, distribution etc each other. this project had not., but in total at the end of the design phase, my knowledge new4stroke, expanded by about another 25%

So my knowledge already has 12 + 25 = 37%

Design and execution of the launch of a full prototype lasted three years

3. when you start the prototype, I have acquired the necessary knowledge of the rest of the utmost importance .. Well, for example, ionization, which prevented a spark, because the speed of Glow between the electrodes was as resulted from the calculations about 1 Mach .. (!!). This, and other messages, which surprised me very much, for example, the actual amounts of air intake really, meant that I bought the next 20% of the new brand, the fundamental knowledge about new4stroke

So we already have 37 + 20 = 57% of the new knowledge.

4. Now the excellent work of the second prototype, I started a few years jescze accurately analyze, and refine designs, Well, for example, a project receiving power at the shaft "timing" and not from the shaft głónego ..
Also the actual combustion chamber is in fact the smallest space of the piston only, causing a very small surface. elsewhere flame front does not move with, due to the very small gap between the pistons. Besides being forced direction of the path of the flame, and it's very intensively with a large force. Ishi is called by me "dynamic combustion chamber."
It certainly adds the next 20% of the new knowledge .. That sum is 57 + 20 = 77%
  So many completely new knowledge about the engine should possess to be able to take advantage of all the amazing real advantages of the new engine.

Also to be rejected as much knowledge of the current science, because, if one wishes so sensational assure as parameters.
Therefore, the traditional doctrine now used, does not allow us to accomplish more than is generally known now.
  Following this totally new way, it requires a lot of time and money probably ... but there is no other way ...
Now you are ready for this?

greets Andrew :)

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: December 26, 2014, 01:12:47 PM »
Here the F1 forum reprint. Starting in the construction of my second prototype, I had only the experience of operation of the first prototype. As it turned out it was very little. Then founded, with the second prototype will have 100 hp with 600 ccm To me it would be a good parameter, as it is only 2 prototype. Described here as it is learned that the received power is as much as two and a half times larger than I expected. Seemingly, it seemed impossible, but the reality is verified and in a good site, in a very a significant way, the normal constructor was not able to foresee. Then I began to wonder, whence until such a big difference and it's a plus. And slowly I deduced that it is possible, however, and you have the next prototype for such parameters to prepare. Of course, it's all you can get, but you have a lot to learn about a completely new engine to learn ..

"" Exactly the same I thought how you were advising me .

Yeah so so: when he already switched the engine on, I started selecting for him main nozzles fuel. And here surprise. From the proposed scope I will put any nozzle (110 - 190), the engine behaves very strange.
Practically didn't react to moves with the throttling valve. When closed, had 3200 Rpm, when open on maximum throttling valve had 3600 Rpm . !!!!

I did these attempts one week and nothing, farther is ignoring throttling valves.
Whats doing??
I thought, around at such violent opening oneself of out port and very blare, an out arrangement can play a significant role .

In next 3 weeks I made "doctorate" in exchausts .

I noticed, that at the determined length of outlet pipes, the engine worked on different rpm. For example 35 cm long pipe he had 4000 turnovers, at the length 70 had the cm 3200 rpm. And of course farther ignored throttling valves completely. These turnovers set him lengths of an exhaust pipes .This work for all mains jets (110- 190).

Using cones prctically not change. Little change rpm 3400 to 4000 rpm .Thats all.

One day, instead of to switch the engine off electrically, stand by it and I bent with hand leading the tube fuel to the carburettor, since I thought that he would burn fuel down in the chamber of the carburettor and he won't spill for me they at the next exchange nozle.But for facilitating these experiments I fastened the throttling valve permanently open, behind the help of the screw .
And when I kept the pipe this way blocked with fuel, suddenly the engine went in to some 10 000 rpm (throttling valve maximum switched on). Very much I got scared, but I understood that all the time the engine had a too big main fuel nozzle.

What nozzle you know on did the engine start delicious working properly? On 80 !!
Orginal BMW 2002 ti have nozle 135. Sqare 80 x 80 =6400 , sqare 135 x 135 = 18225
It's exactly 3 more .

Namely one cylinder of my engine is sucking so much air as 3 bmw 2002 ti cylinders ~~ 1500 cm^3 !! Bmw 2002ti has at 6200 rpm 110 hp .
It would mean that my engine has 110 x 1,5 = 165 hp.
And at 10 000 rpm about 260 hp!!!!


Merry Christmas

Visualization / Re: New 4 stroke engine
« on: December 16, 2014, 07:04:39 PM »
Before I made with cast iron heads, first I made a model of plywood comp. as you can see, the intake windows were on both sides of the head., but as I started to count the inlet surfaces, it turned out that the total window area of the inlet, is much greater than the surface of the cylinder bore intake ... is 6.2 cm, or 30 cm surface .obwód square of this cylinder is 19.5 cm, as you can see in the picture plywood3, windows may be by 2/3 of the circumference of the cylinder, which is 13 cm ..but they are high up on the 2.5 cm .. that is, their total area is 32 5 cm square ... so and so will be the smallest spot diameter of the cylinder inlet. The primary piston is only 1 cm bigger than the cylinder, so I thought that the windows on one side will be sufficient ..

Andrew ;D

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